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Cloudwork empowers teams to work efficiently and enhance performance.

The Next Generation AI-Powered Productivity & Document Management Suite

Cloudwork digitally transforms enterprises and professional teams, and revolutionizes collaboration, document management and business intelligence.
Cloudwork's integrated software suite consists of:
  • A productivity and document management system that facilitates real-time collaboration and centralized document management
  • A multi-lingual AI contract review and analysis tool that identifies, extracts, and analyzes text in contracts and other documents
  • A smart search engine for company disclosures & legal databases for knowledge management and regulatory compliance
Corporations and businesses use Cloudwork to extract critical insights hidden in contracts and documents to make data-driven decisions and manage risks.
Law firms and professional services use Cloudwork to automate administrative tasks and make contract review more efficient so that they can provide greater client value and win more businesses.

Manage, Share and Collaborate in One Centralized Location

  • Centralized Document Management

  • Real-Time Collaboration

  • OCR Text-to-Data Conversion

  • Version-Control and Audit Trail

  • Mobile and Desktop Enabled

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Keeping Everyone Focused on Productivity and Outcomes

  • Personal Workspace

  • Shared Project Workspace

  • Secured Real-time Messaging

  • Auto Timesheet

  • Workload Monitor

  • Seamless Integrations

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Intelligent and Fully Searchable Single Source of Truth

  • Deep Search Engine

  • Document Templates

  • AI Contract Review

  • Company Disclosures

  • Legal Database Search

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Best-in-class Security, Trackability, and Flexibility

  • Reliable Data Encryption

  • High Security Data Storage

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Granular Access Control

  • Encrypted Real-time Collaboration

  • Login History & Audit Trail

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Professional firms and enterprises boost productivity, save cost and improve outcomes with Cloudwork

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Why Cloudwork?

Immediate productivity boost
Immediate productivity boost

Cloudwork is designed by professionals, for professionals. Simply log in from your browser and start working seamlessly. Work more efficiently, make stronger deals and build a better business with faster processes and better communications.

Save time and costs
Save time and costs

Streamline document drafting and review process, reduce time to look up necessary information. One software to replace multiple software, saving ownership and maintenance costs.

Ensure quality and reduce risks
Ensure quality and reduce risks

AI-enabled tools and knowledge sharing to ensure consistent work quality and reduce human errors, mitigating execution, contract and compliance risks. Use Cloudwork’s analytics to make data-driven decisions about your businesses.

Best-in-class security
Best-in-class security

Cloudwork is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is ISO 27001 certified. You can enjoy robust enterprise grade security and will be given full control over your data.

Quick and simple setup
Quick and simple setup

Setting up Cloudwork can be done in minutes, with no complicated installation or expensive hardware required. You can easily add or remove users according to your business needs.

Multilingual user interface
Multilingual user interface

Cloudwork’s interface is available in English and Simplified Chinese. Meanwhile, our AI review tool can analyze texts based in additional languages.

Seamless cross-border access
Seamless cross-border access

Unlike Google or Dropbox, Cloudwork has full access and connectivity across Greater China.

Boost productivity, save cost and improve outcomes with Cloudwork’s AI-powered productivity and document management suite.

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