Next generation all-in-one cloud document management & productivity solution that empowers digital transformation and collaborations for professionals.


Manage, share and collaborate in one centralized location.

Create, edit, store, locate and collaborate on documents anywhere anytime using Cloudwork’s professional cloud document management system. Share documents for read-only, review, comment, or full access. Grant individual permissions or access to a user or team. 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats.

Document Management

One centralized location to safely create, edit, save and version-up all documents and files in your organization.

Gain secure access anytime, anywhere to all stored documents and files from any device.

Advanced search capabilities to find everything you need.

Document Management

Document Collaboration

Share documents defining read-only, review, comment, or full access. Set individual permissions or provide access to a team with one click. Secured links to external users also possible.

Create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations using integrated online editors. 100% compatible with Microsoft formats.

Document Collaboration

Optical Character Recognition

Digitize and index entire documents and images for maximum searchability.

Accelerate business processes by automating information extraction using Microsoft AI-powered Form Recognizer.

Optical Character Recognition

Email Management

Quickly and accurately file emails into your document management system. Easily set rules to automatically file emails and map folders.

Email Management

Complete Synchronization Across Devices

Automatically keep all the files within specific folders organized, up-to-date, and available on the cloud, your mobile devices and local computer.

Define and maintain directory structures to keep file organization uniform across all devices.

Complete Synchronization Across Devices


Keeping everyone focused on productivity and outcomes.

Create and manage your personal and project virtual workspace. Cloudwork empowers teams to collaborate real-time, manage projects, build customized workflows, prioritize tasks and set deadlines.

Personal and Project Virtual Workspace

Plan and manage projects as well as organize and track team or individual activities in one centralized location.

Connect and provide easy access to relevant documents and resources.

Securely share documents and collaborate on deliverables. Receive in-app and email notifications and reminders about important information and upcoming deadlines.

Create real-time task boards for projects that can be displayed in a calendar, list or Kanban view for everyone on your team.

Facilitate centralized feedback, comments and discussions on tasks and deliverables without the hassle of following endless email chains and accumulating file downloads.

Securely communicate with your team via personal messages or group conversations. Create a virtual workspace for every project with access control and audit trail.

Secured video meetings for multiple participants with features including share screen, recording, waiting room, etc.

Build customized workflows on-the-go that consist of combinations of tasks and files with reminders and deadlines for repeated deployments.

Maximum flexibility to allow for continual refinement of workflows through live project engagements.

Seamlessly add and integrate advanced document management capabilities to the tools and software applications you already know and trust.


Intelligent and fully searchable single source of truth.

Consolidate all your content across documents, messages and tasks into one unified and fully searchable source of truth. Insight Analytics provide insights to improve outcomes. Access external databases for enhanced research capabilities.
Discovery Engine

Discovery Engine

Instant access to documents, projects and workflows.

Consolidate the growing number and variety of information sources in your organization into one unified and fully searchable source of truth.

Maintain existing data access policies to regulate user access to information over which they have view or edit rights.

Insight Analytics

Insight Analytics

Enable business leaders, teams and IT administrators to gain new insights to understand user behavior and improve outcomes.

Gain visibility into the productivity at firm, team, project and individual levels.


Cloudwork helps teams maximize productivity without sacrificing security.

Cloudwork’s enterprise class security aligns with industry standards, guidance and security principles. Our solution is built around multiple layers of protection consisting of rich security features and applied best practices governed by policy.

Data Encryption

  • Data encryption using AES-256 algorithm
  • Data transfer in SSL/TLS protocol, 2048-bit RSA keys
  • Encryption keys managed by KMS
  • Multi-factor authentication

Round-the-Clock Protection

  • Fully accessible data and operation logs
  • User data security and strategy management
  • Ongoing security lifecycle management
  • Security emergency support

Operational Continuity

  • High-availability storage, multiple full backups
  • Stable and uninterrupted service

Cloudwork is ISO/IEC 27001 (2013) certified

ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard that provides a framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) to provide continued confidentiality, integrity and availability of information as well as legal compliance. ISO 27001 certification is essential for protecting your most vital assets like employee and client information, brand image and other private information. ISO 27001 implementation is an ideal response to customer and legal requirements such as the GDPR and potential security threats including: cyber crime, personal data breaches, vandalism / terrorism, fire / damage, misuse, theft and viral attacks.

With Cloudwork, you take control over your organization’s data.

Reliable data encryption

AES-256 encryption algorithm to provide stronger security for online documents. All data transfers are encrypted via SSL/TLS.

Granular access rights management

Offers different levels of access rights. Administrators can grant granular access to individual users or teams to view, edit or delete documents, etc.

High security data storage

Data at rest in storage are encrypted using a default military-grade AES-256 encryption with server-based or custom key management.

Encrypted real-time co-editing

Encrypted data transfer while collaborating on documents online, third-parties will not be able to gain access between the sender and receiver.

Data loss prevention

Automatic data backup. Administrators are also free to set up offline archiving and back up their data manually at any time.

Login history and audit trail

Full history of successful and failed login attempts and logouts, and tracks which actions were performed by which user and when, while complying with data privacy restrictions.

Increase productivity, reduce costs and improve outcomes with Cloudwork’s all-in-one cloud document management and productivity solution.

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