Security and Control

Cloudwork is designed to protect user data at all times through multiple layers of protection.

Enterprise Class Security

Cloudwork’s enterprise class security aligns with industry standards, guidance and security principles. Our solution is built around multiple layers of protection consisting of rich security features and applied best practices governed by policy.

Data Encryption
  • Data encryption using AES-256 algorithm

  • Data transfer in SSL/TLS protocol, 2048-bit RSA keys

  • Encryption keys managed by KMS

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Fully accessible data and operation logs

  • User data security and strategy management

  • High-availability storage, multiple full backups

Round-the-Clock Data Protection
  • Ongoing security lifecycle management

  • 24/7 security emergency support

Operational Continuity
  • High availability service and backup on Microsoft Azure

  • Stable and uninterrupted service

Under Your Control

Control is key to security. With Cloudwork, your IT department takes back control over its data, managed under its policies and procedures. Cloudwork features:

Reliable data encryption

AES-256 encryption algorithm to provide stronger security for online documents. All data transfer are encrypted via SSL/TLS.

Encrypted real-time co-editing

Encrypted data transfer while collaborating on documents online, third-parties will not be able to access in between the sender and receiver.

Granular access rights management

Offers different levels of access rights. Administrators can grant granular access to individual users or teams to view, edit or delete documents, etc.

Data backup

Automatic data backup. Administrators are also free to make offline archiving and back up their data manually at any time.

High security data storage

Data at rest in storage are encrypted using a default military grade AES-256 encryption with server-based or custom key management.

Login history and audit trail

Records full history of successful and failed login attempts and log-outs, and tracks which actions were performed by each user and when, while complying with data privacy restrictions.